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Service Bioinformatique

Jérôme Gouzy, Emmanuel Courcelle, Sébastien Carrere, Erika Sallet et al.

Biomoby ressources

Narcisse: a mirror view of conserved syntenies
collaboration with Thomas Faraut - Laboratoire de Génétique Cellulaire
LEGOO: a bioinformatics gateway towards integrative legume biology
HeliaGene: a bioinformatics portal for Helianthus sp. genomics
iANT: tools for sequence annotation
External tools: tools developped by other teams (almost EMBOSS)
BIOS: Service Oriented Architecture in Bioinformatics dedicated to RNA-Seq
QBIOS Report


BioMOBY::Perl Web-services development framework
Remora: a web server implemented according to the BioMoby web-service specifications, providing life science researchers with an easy-to-use workflow generator and launcher, a repository of predefined workflows and a survey system.
Mobyle portal: a portal for bioinformatics analyses.